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We are a leading top rated homecare and health facility company with the ability to handle any crisis. From staffing issues, to creditor problems, to supply issues, we are well equiped to handle all aspects of running a successful health care facility.

  • Full Management Services with Experienced Personnel
  • Qualified Staffing and HR Solutions
  • Vast Network of Creditors and Financing Solutions
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Trusted Health Care Management Company

We have the experience and expertise to manage and facilitate all your needs. With over 50 years of experience and a top notch management team, our clients are well positioned to succeed and gain a positive return on their investment.

Services Provided

Type of Services Provided

Facility Management

We manage a variety of health care facilities for our clients. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.


We are able to provide staffing solutions for your health care facility. We have a full staff of trained profressionals who have the ability to come in and perform at the highest level, giving your patients top tier care.

Finance and Crediting

We have a vast network of creditors and investors that can solve any financial issues you may encounter.

Medical Supplies

We have access to medical supplies and equipment and can fulfill all your needs required in order to keep your facility running smoothly.


Samantha L, NP

"First Landing was able to come in and provide me with excellent staffing solutions."

Dr. Patel, MD

"I was able to get all the high end technology needed to treat my patients effectively. Thank you for your help."

Dr. Bern, MD

"We had some credit issues and our financial situation was in need of help. Fortunately the staff at First Landing care were able to help us get back on track."

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